Dubuque Becomes First NCAA Division III School To Add Local Exchange

From Dubuque Athletics:

The University of Dubuque (UD) Department of Athletics, in conjunction with INFCLR, has launched a new platform named, Success NIL Exchange.  Success NIL Exchange is the latest innovation to help UD student-athletes and businesses work directly in developing Name, Image and Likeness (NIL) agreements.

UD will be the first NCAA Division III school to partner with the INFLCR Exchange in helping to provide opportunities for our student-athletes at an advanced level only seen in elite NCAA Division I programs. Success NIL Exchange, a free service to student-athletes and the commercial enterprises that use it, will help the Department of Athletics customize and manage NIL reporting, while providing approved businesses, collectives, and individuals with a customized portal for communicating directly with student-athletes and fulfilling NIL transactions.

After a business, collective, or individual registers on University of Dubuque Success NIL Exchange, they can access a searchable database of UD student-athletes, and filter that database through a variety of criteria. They can message the student-athlete directly in the application or request the student-athlete’s contact information (or that of their representative) to start a discussion about an NIL transaction, provided they are within legal protocols. Such activities may include autographs, promoting brands on social media, third-party media endorsements, running camps or clinics, providing private sports lessons, personal appearances, and more. INFLCR and UD will not be a party to the negotiations. This new platform creates a process that is easy, effective, and compliant. It’s much like a job fair that never ends.

The sign up for businesses begins May 2 at https://dash.inflcr.com/exchange/university-of-dubuque. UD will opt-in its student-athletes, who also may opt out if they choose not to participate. It is anticipated that the actual platform interactions will begin in May.

“I am excited about this opportunity for student-athletes who choose to participate, and for the partners who support them,” said Jeffrey F. Bullock, President of the University of Dubuque.  “INFLCR Exchange provides the technology and the accountability to support student-athletes who choose to participate in an NIL relationship, a meeting space for business and other participants to connect with student-athletes, and the required education and reporting oversight to support us in complying with the continuing evolution of NCAA NIL rules and policies.” 

“University of Dubuque is making a powerful statement by investing in an INFLCR Local Exchange for their student-athletes. It reiterates that NIL resources and opportunities should be accessible to all collegiate athletes, not just elite Division I programs. UD is setting the path for other DIII institutions, and we’re thrilled to provide them the technology to do so.” – Jim Cavale, INFLCR Founder & President

INFLCR Plus Local Exchange: How It Works

INFLCR provides a school-customized NIL exchange as an extension to their athletics website where the school can send any business, individual or collective seeking to bring NIL opportunities to its student-athletes. Once registered, businesses can search, communicate, pay and report on behalf of student-athletes they’re transacting with, streamlining the student-athlete’s compliance and tax reporting responsibilities in their existing INFLCR app experience. 

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May 4, 2022

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