Influencer (INFLCR) was founded upon one simple purpose (our WHY) that our team is completely rallied around on a daily basis – WE EXIST TO SERVE STORYTELLERS!

Does this excite you? Why?

We are passionate about the opportunity to bring athletes and other brand ambassadors, the content they desire to access and share on social media!

INFLCR has become THE PERSONALIZED CONTENT DELIVERY PLATFORM for some of the most impactful brands and athletes in college sports, amongst other niches.

This is a result of teamwork in a culture defined by the core values (our WHO) that are the foundation of our DNA desire to;

Be The Blessing
Be The Solution
Be A Student
Be Empathetic
Be Innovative
Be Intentional
Be Passionate
Be Present

There are four components to our business – product, client success, business development and administrative. 

Product – talented and experienced engineers, architects or developers, who desire to continue the evolution of the INFLCR product as the personalized content delivery platform of choice for the biggest brands and brand ambassadors in sports, entertainment and business to tell their story on a daily basis.

Client Success – relationship-focused focused professionals who are passionate about helping INFLCR clients activate their platform with the most potent content and brand ambassador network, with a continual focus on the supporting and reporting that our client’s need to achieve their impactful storytelling objectives on social media.

Business Development – software-experienced sales and marketing professionals who want to serve as many storytellers as they can, through ubiquitous evangelism that ensures we can connect, identify and solve their problems in telling their story on social media.

Administrative – operationally-experienced professionals who want to be the glue that helps our team achieve the big hairy audacious goals that will provide more resources for us to invest and grow INFLCR into a worldwide brand.

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With Impact In Mind,

Jim Cavale, Founder & CEO