Mike Slive Foundation Partners with INFLCR to Engage Student-Athletes In Block Cancer Program

The Mike Slive Foundation for Prostate Cancer Research is pleased to announce a first of its kind partnership with INFLCR, the leading brand building and NIL business management software platform for elite athletes. Through this partnership, the Foundation will provide resources, educate collegiate student-athletes about prostate cancer and provide them an opportunity to use their NIL to help save lives through education about prostate cancer directly through the INFLCR app. 

“Working with INFLCR, we are reaching the young men and women with an opportunity to support the Mike Slive Foundation in this new world related to NIL. We are hoping to be a way for student athletes to use their platform to raise awareness for a disease that impacts one in eight men in their lifetime. We hope a new generation will feel empowered to help us raise awareness of prostate cancer,” said Anna Slive Harwood, Executive Director of the Mike Slive Foundation.  “Within one week of being on the platform, we have already seen interest from student athletes who have been personally touched by prostate cancer, having family members who have been diagnosed.”

Student-athletes who are part of the INFLCR network will be given an opportunity to be a part of the Mike Slive Foundation by sharing important facts and stats in regards to prostate cancer through their social media channels and appearances. 

“This partnership between INFLCR and the Mike Slive Foundation touches me personally as Mike Slive, the former legendary Commissioner for the Southeastern Conference and fellow upstate New Yorker, was a mentor of mine throughout the years. It also exemplifies our purpose at INFLCR to empower student-athletes through technology,” said Jim Cavale, INFLCR Founder. “Through this alliance, student-athletes will be provided with educational resources about prostate cancer that they can then amplify to heighten public awareness of this disease and generate funding for cutting-edge research to help eradicate it. This is a win for all.”

About INFLCR Global Exchange

INFLCR’s partnerships team vets elite companies like Meta, TikTok, WWE, Campus Legends, DigiSign, Subtext, and Mike Slive Foundation to be a part of the Global Exchange. Inside the platform, companies can automate their reporting of transactions with student-athletes, and utilize INFLCR’s best-in-class tools to identify, communicate, and transact with student-athletes who have opted in to be contacted for educational and NIL transaction opportunities. All Global Exchange transactions are automatically disclosed for student-athletes and institutions. INFLCR continues to take no transaction fees from schools, companies, or student-athletes for activity on the Global Exchange.

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About the Mike Slive Foundation

The Mike Slive Foundation for Prostate Cancer Research was founded in Birmingham, Alabama in 2017 by former SEC and Conference USA Commissioner Mike Slive. The Mike Slive Foundation is quickly becoming a global leader in the fight to eradicate prostate cancer through public awareness and research funding in memory of Mike Slive, a transformative leader whose vision and direction revolutionized the business of collegiate sports. For more information, visit www.mikeslivefoundation.org or follow on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter @MikeSliveFdn.

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