CAAAM.US Planning To Make Autographs A Collegiate NIL Staple Through INFLCR

College Athlete Autographs and More (WWW.CAAAM.US) announced a multi-year partnership today with INFLCR, a Teamworks product and industry leader in brand building and name, image and likeness (NIL) business management. The partnership allows CAAAM.US (available on IOS or Google Apps) to bring their marketplace platform called #PAIDATHLETE to the hands of over 68,000 student-athletes on the INFLCR Global Exchange platform. 

Currently, student-athletes use the INFLCR app to access brand building education, content and social metrics. The INFLCR Global Exchange is where a student-athlete builds off the other pieces in the app and capitalizes on the brand they’ve built by connecting with companies directly to receive NIL offers or find additional branding resources and programs. 

CAAAM.US can now leverage INFLCR’s technology & partnerships with over 250 NCAA Division I institutions to work one-on-one with student-athletes to help increase engagement and further monetize their NIL through #PAIDATHLETE, all without taking time away from their primary commitments as a student and athlete.

INFLCR’s software provides a place where student-athletes and companies can send and accept offers without worry. The Global Exchange platform automates all NCAA required transaction reporting, streamlines payment from company to student-athlete, and provides no transaction fees for either party. 

“INFLCR’s goal is to provide an app that allows any student-athlete to monetize their NIL, not just that top 1%,” said Jim Cavale, INFLCR Founder. “Large sum NIL deals are great, but it’s companies like CAAAM that are making it possible for smaller name student-athletes to earn some extra cash and connect with their fan base on social media or in the stands. We’re thrilled to continue adding companies to the Global Exchange that will truly give all INFLCR student-athletes the outlets to capitalize on their NIL” 

CAAAM.US’s #PAIDATHLETE marketplace is a one stop shop for student-athletes to effortlessly earn money through autographs. With CAAAM.US doing most of the lifting to sell and ship autographed photos and INFLCR providing technology to streamline payments and reporting, the two platforms can provide a simplified way to earn cash, connect with their fans and build their brand all in one.

“We are excited about the opportunity that this partnership with INFLCR will create as we continue to expand our #PAIDATHLETE marketplace platform that allows content providers, athletes, and fans to experience a frictionless e-commerce transaction that pays the athlete, supports the content providers, and brings the fans closer to the athlete’s persona and brand. CAAAM.US will print, procure, and ship all purchased images to the student athlete (with a pre-addressed package to be packed and shipped to the purchaser) and the purchaser will receive an authentication image upon receipt of the autographed item. The interest from college coaches, corporate sponsors, and compliance officers has been fantastic and we look forward to growing a mutually beneficial brand with student athletes across all sports and all of the colleges across the U.S” said Shawn Prendergast, Founder/CEO of CAAAM.US. 

About INFLCR Global Exchange

INFLCR’s partnerships team vets elite companies like Meta, TikTok, WWE, Campus Legends, DigiSign, Subtext, and Mike Slive Foundation to be a part of the Global Exchange. Inside the platform, companies can automate their reporting of transactions with student-athletes, and utilize INFLCR’s best-in-class tools to identify, communicate, and transact with student-athletes who have opted in to be contacted for educational and NIL transaction opportunities. All Global Exchange transactions are automatically disclosed for student-athletes and institutions. INFLCR continues to take no transaction fees from schools, companies, or student-athletes for activity on the Global Exchange.

Interested in partnering with INFLCR Global Exchange? Start the process here.


#PaidAthlete, a CAAAM.US marketplace platform, is the only college athlete e-commerce platform and mobile application for optimizing the NIL opportunity. CAAAM.US will continue to innovate on its #PaidAthlete platform to include future commerce opportunities with auctions, brand analytics to assist in athletes’ NIL sponsorship value, and broader product categories for profit and non-profit purposes. Visit us at to learn more and download our IOS or Google Apps.

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