#INFLCR — Episode One: Ignition

This is the story of how Jim Cavale took an idea he had for the sports social media space and worked hard to make it real.

Cavale took his vision of developing a software as a service (SaaS) brand for college athletic departments and then took action to create the brand messaging and demo of the technology to be able to hit the road earlier this year. Traveling to visit with top athletic departments and athletes from Birmingham to New York, gave him the confidence to launch and with that, INFLCR (Influencer) was ignited!

In the first few months of business, five college athletics programs signed on, including Power 5 SEC programs Kentucky Basketball, Auburn Football and South Carolina Football.

Cavale says not everything has gone his way as an entrepreneur, but with INFLCR, he is confident because of the feedback from the marketplace. Economic development agency Alabama Launchpad shares in this excitement, awarding INFLCR their $100,000 seed money grant in their 2017 Startup Competition.

While INFLCR exists to help brands and their brand ambassadors get on the same page on social media and leverage each other’s brand, teams are investing in their student-athletes with each dollar they invest into an INFLCR subscription.

Considering the bigger picture, setting INFLCR up is an example of how startup companies can create jobs to invest in bringing change to cities like Birmingham. This is something that motivates Cavale.

“It’s pretty crazy to think about at the beginning of this year, this was literally an idea I wasn’t sure I was going to do,” Cavale said. “I love what we’re doing. I think our software is helping people. I’m even more excited to be able to create jobs and built a story that the city and state can be proud of.”

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#INFLCR – Episode Three – Magic Ecosystem

January 10, 2018

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