Teamworks x INFLCR Academy – Past Sessions

We hope you’ve been able to attend at least one session of the Teamworks x INFLCR Academy webinar series!

Sessions are available as live webinars and on-demand content: you can browse our past Academy sessions below.


Full list of Teamworks x INFLCR Academy sessions:

Preparing for NIL (feat. Paige Diggs, Tim Brogdon, Shakeel Rashad, Marc Jordan)

Social Justice Storytelling (feat. Kiaira Cooper, Scott Kuykendall, Dave Bradley, Vaughan Moss)

Stories of Former Student-Athletes: Mental Health in College Athletics (feat. Jason Freeman, Jocelyn Willoughby, Rachel Slocum, Jake Lawler)

Find past sessions of the INFLCR Academy from Spring 2020 here.

Client Features

Mike Holmes: Client Feature

October 14, 2020

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