Oregon and Wisconsin Audience Growth Blooms for the 2020 Rose Bowl

It was a game for the decades. By 9:53 on the clock in the first quarter there had already been a 12 play 75 yard drive to a touchdown for Oregon with an immediate 95 yard Badger return for a touchdown. Oregon ultimately came out on top, and the 2020 Rose Bowl ended Oregon 28, Wisconsin 27.

Between December 30th and January 8th, we tracked both teams INFLCR app usage and athlete social media impact. Here’s what we found.


The team had 150 downloads + shares of content from the app. Based on the athletes’ Instagram posts during that week, they reached an audience of 210,189 which led to 88,984 total likes on IG. 

Overall, the Badgers had an average engagement rate on their athlete posts before, during, and after the Rose Bowl of 25.43%. 


Oregon had a few more download + shares, with 289. Their athletes’ posts on Instagram had a unique audience of 503,666 to collect 225,395 total likes. 

With these numbers, Oregon athletes had an engagement rate from all Rose Bowl posts of 26.87%. 

Individual Player Growth During Season

Outside of tracking the full scope of both teams athletes impact on social, we also kept an eye on their growth from fall camp to after the Rose Bowl. Four athletes, two from both teams, stood out with substantial growth in a matter of five months.

Oregon Running Back

This player posted only six times from August 1st to now, but increased his following by 66%. Oregon on-boarded with INFLCR within the last year, giving this sophomore standout real time access to pictures and videos. Before INFLCR, he posted only 3 times in 2017. After INFLCR, he posted 8 times, 6 of which were during the season.

Wisconsin Running back

With 79.6K followers, this junior is an active poster. He told his story on Instagram through 19 posts during the season. With such heavy posting, his following grew the most by 52%.

Zack Baun – Wisconsin Senior Outside Linebacker

Another active poster, Zack had 12 posts from August 1 to now and grew his following by 43%.

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Beyond grateful & forever a Badger

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Troy Dye – Oregon Senior Inside Linebacker

As a senior, Troy was actively sharing his journey all season long. He posted 15 times to grow his audience 41% in five months. We’d like to point out that on top of his growth during the season, Troy grew his total following to 22.9K in one year alone. His first Instagram post was on January 10, 2019.

These players are only a small part of the teams total audience, likes, and engagement rate during the week of the Rose Bowl. Their continued growth during the season adds to the overall impact they and their fellow players had on social after the final game of the season.

For the Badgers, a loss didn’t hinder their impact on social media because their players still reached their highest weekly audience of the season during the week of the Rose Bowl.

When it comes to the Ducks, these guys capitalized on their win and the audience they had been growing all season to celebrate with half a million people.

Athlete Branding

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