INFLCR signs Bethune-Cookman as first HBCU client

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. — Influencer (INFLCR) announced a new all-sports partnership with Bethune-Cookman University, a deal that represents three important “firsts” for the rapidly growing software company.

Influencer (INFLCR) founder and CEO Jim Cavale announced a new all-sports partnership with Bethune-Cookman University, a deal that represents three important “firsts” for the rapidly growing software company.

“Bethune-Cookman University has a rich tradition in college athletics and a passionate fan base that follows the Wildcats on social media,” said INFLCR founder and CEO Jim Cavale. “The administration at B-CU is innovative and forward-thinking in its approach to telling that story for all 17 of their varsity sports. For INFLCR, this is an important deal.

We’re thrilled to be partnered with our first Historically Black College & University (HBCU) client, as well as our first client from the Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference and the Football Championship Subdivision.”

The INFLCR content delivery software platform helps clients like Bethune-Cookman distribute their internally-curated content into personalized galleries on each of the mobile devices of their athletes, coaches and other brand ambassadors, for them to access and share via their personal social-media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and Facebook.

Bethune-Cookman can then use its INFLCR dashboard and usage reports to track their “audience lift” via the much-larger collective audience of those brand ambassadors.

“Serving the needs of our student-athletes is our top priority, and to have the ability to provide them with a platform upon which to build upon the university brand while allowing them to also grow personally as brand ambassadors is what is most important to us about this partnership between Bethune-Cookman University Athletics and INFLCR,” said Lynn W. Thompson, B-CU’s VP for Intercollegiate Athletics.

“This partnership allows us to take our social media strategies and great stories about B-CU to an entirely new level of creativity with an unlimited reach to new audiences.”

“INFLCR is going to change the workflow of our creative department,” said Jasmine Alston, B-CU’s Director of New Media & Branding. “Our student-athletes will now have our brand at the tip of their fingertips. INFLCR will teach our student-athletes the importance of personal branding as well as showcasing each sports team’s uniqueness.  This tool also gives us the opportunity to put our brand right in front of our alumni and fans."

INFLCR now serves clients from the, MEAC, BIG EAST, SEC, ACC, Big Ten, Big 12, American, Mountain West, Conference USA, Sun Belt, America East and Colonial Athletic Association conferences and has partnerships with more than 40 collegiate and professional sports brands.


Influencer (INFLCR) is a social media CRM that allows teams and leagues to efficiently distribute their digital assets across the social channels of their most effective brand ambassadors (student-athletes, coaches, recruits prominent alumni and fans) while being able to track and measure the reach and performance of the content at scale via a convenient dashboard.

With INFLCR, teams can store, share and track their digital assets (game photos, videos, etc.) as they flow through the social media channels of their brand ambassadors.

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