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Every other week, Influencer (#INFLCR) DocuSeries episodes provide a behind-the-scenes look at how INFLCR Founder & CEO Jim Cavale and his growing team are taking INFLCR to the masses of college athletics, professional sports and new niches like politics and ad agencies. In the weeks between these episodes, Cavale and his team have began releasing extended raw cuts or “#INFLCR Extra” videos, to provide an even closer look at Cavale’s passion to motivate other entrepreneurs in the Magic City and beyond..

Cavale was recently invited by INFLCR investor candidate Tom Patterson, founder of major SaaS player Daxko, to speak to a group of Birmingham-based entrepreneurs that Patterson mentors on a regular basis.


In this 13-minute talk, Cavale describes his planning process, shown in# INFLCR DocuSeries Episode Six, and expands on the highs and lows of the entrepreneurial roller coaster. He admits it’s hard to be an entrepreneur in our “quick fix society”. While he says he is still learning the answers to what it really takes to build a legacy business, he shares his beliefs and the formula of how he believes Birmingham can become one of the next major entrepreneur ecosystems.

In this talk, Cavale encourages entrepreneurs to be accountable to others and to a plan which can track real results by setting goals and asking the tough questions. These two practices can help a new business stay on track to land new clients before turning to investors to raise capital. Doing so will create more successful products, more interest in investing, more wins, and more reinvestment in startups to develop a cycle of entrepreneurial growth in the South.

Cavale is aware of this philosophy, having gone from a tough month in December to completing his first $1mm Post-Revenue Seed Round through a series of local Birmingham investments, just eight months after launching the INFLCR company.

– Tom Patterson, founder of Daxko
– Jonathan Sides, CFO of Fleetio (@JonathanSides)


– Innovation Depot Training Room – Birmingham, Ala.


– Jim Cavale reflects on the inaugural Sloss Tech event in 2016 and a backstage conversation with Gary Vaynerchuk for the need for wins in the city, wins now being seen by businesses such as Shipt, TicketBiscuit, Daxko and Fleetio.

– Cavale shares his philosophy of how Birmingham can become a more powerful startup ecosystem.

– Tom Patterson signs a six-figure investment deal for INFLCR.



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March 27, 2018

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