MoneyLion And INFLCR Team Up To Teach Collegiate Athletes How To Money Smarter

Partnership Aims To Launch A Creator-Led Money Curriculum To Fill Educational Gaps For Student-Athletes 

MoneyLion Inc. (“MoneyLion”), the go-to destination for financial content, products and advice, and INFLCR, the leading brand and NIL-business-building software platform helping student-athletes stay compliant with new NCAA Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) regulations, announced a partnership to make MoneyLion the official money app of INFLCR and its student-athletes.

Through this partnership, the companies will work together to teach the next generation of student-athletes how to money through engaging and easily digestible educational videos, which will cover topics such as improving credit scores, money-saving hacks and investing. Since the adoption of the new NCAA NIL regulations, collegiate athletes nationwide have benefited from partnerships with a wide range of brands, resulting in new sources of income. In this new sector of sports, MoneyLion and INFLCR are uniquely positioned to promote financial preparedness to all student-athletes through the amplification of their unique experiences.

We’ve teamed up with INFLCR to teach the next generation of earners and spenders how to take ownership of their money. The reality is most people aren’t taught foundational money skills like the importance of a good credit score and soft skills like being confident with money decisions,” said Jeff Frommer, Chief Content Officer of MoneyLion. “Now that student-athletes are able to benefit from their NIL and many are receiving an income for the first time, they need help with these skills and we are here to make sure they get off to the right start.

We’re very excited to provide student-athletes with premium digital banking options and money content through this innovative partnership with MoneyLion,” said Jim Cavale, Founder of INFLCR. “Preparing student-athletes to maximize their NIL opportunities with the proper financial literacy and the toolkits that create accessible and sustainable paths toward their goals is what we’re all about.  MoneyLion joining the INFLCR Global Exchange is a game changer for any and all student-athletes managing their NIL business and building their brand through the INFLCR app.

MoneyLion and INFLCR have also teamed up to build an ambassador program for student-athletes to represent MoneyLion at their school and continue to drive the money conversation. The program is expected to launch in October and will call for a roster of student-athletes across the country to become the inaugural class of “MoneyLion Athletes” and be ambassadors at their respective schools, providing them with special access to VIP events, webinars led by professional athletes and more. 

To kick off the MoneyLion Athletes Ambassador Program, select ambassadors will be given the opportunity to join Showtime’s top sports podcast, “All the Smoke”, hosted by Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson, as guests on a custom segment of the show, giving the student-athletes one of the biggest platforms in the sports podcasting world. The program will run for 4 months and will give ambassadors the chance to quickly learn the foundational money skills they need to build their money confidence, including utilizing MoneyLion tools to build credit, invest automatically, bank digitally and earn cashback rewards so that the MoneyLion Athlete Ambassadors can score more with MoneyLion.

For more information on how to become a MoneyLion Athletes Ambassador, sign up here to apply. 

As part of this collaboration, MoneyLion’s media subsidiary, MALKA Media, a creator-first network developing content across entertainment, sports, gaming, live streaming, and brand storytelling sectors, will be overseeing the partnership and programming, managing the student-athlete partnerships, and developing a creator-led money curriculum built in the way that the next generation prefers to consume content, through an easily digestible, short form video-first approach. 

“This partnership and program is about empowering student-athletes to actively participate in and take ownership of their finances,” said Pat Capra, President and CEO of MALKA Sports. “This program is a tool to help younger athletes take a seat at the table and provide them with an education that will teach them to make smart business decisions right now that will have a ripple effect for the rest of their lives.”

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September 22, 2022

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