Lever Up Podcast – Episode 2: Craig Young

Student-athletes and parents can take some notes from Episode 2. Bryce Young’s dad, Craig Young, gets real about screening incoming deals, saying no, NIL pressures, and more.

0:40 – General NIL thoughts

2:00 – Should HS athletes get NIL opportunities or just college level?

4:30 – Keeping football No. 1 (making sure the ‘product’ performs)

7:00 – How do you screen the incoming offers? Bryce Young’s dad best advice on incoming deals

8:04 – Ask questions and have fundamental values “what are you about?”

9:00 – You gotta learn to say ‘no’

10:00 – Keeping up with NIL regulations are rules

11:50 – Advice on how much NIL should play into recruiting

14:55 – The pressure of NIL deals

17:25 – Could athletes start playing better due to NIL?

18:50 – How much media coverage should NIL get?

21:30 – How to raise young athletes, pre high school

25:40 – How do you balance results mattering and also raising a young athlete

27:45 – What did Bryce learn from last years experience. “What I’m so proud of….”

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September 12, 2022

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