Lever Up Podcast – Episode 1: Trent Dilfer

On the debut episode, former Superbowl-winning QB Trent Dilfer joins Shannon Terry & Jim Cavale to discuss the current state of NIL, brand building, the dumbest rule in college football + more.

1:40 – Trent Dilfer on players using NIL to their advantage

2:45 – Should high school athletes be able to participate in NIL

6:20 – Dilfer on how to properly help his players grow their brand in high school10:10  – The Golden Rule12:15 – NIL disrupting, transfer portal, free agency

15:45 – Dilfer talks to Bryce Young & CJ Stroud about how to sort out the noise

17:45 – Biggest dangers, where the street agents come in

19:55 The number one thing a player wants

20:15 The dumbest rule in college football

22:05 – understanding an NIL value and financial literacy

25:00 – What’s the right recruiting pitch?

26:45 – Who to trust

32:40 – Do HS athletes need agents?

35:30 – Dilfer’s piece of advice to a HS athletes navigating NIL

Lever Up Podcast

Name, Image, & Likeness (NIL)

Lever Up Podcast – Episode 2: Craig Young

September 8, 2022

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