Bulletins Feature Hits INFLCR Mobile App

The new INFLCR Bulletins feature increases student-athlete awareness of specific NIL opportunities within their INFLCR app. Each Bulletin is a pinned NIL opportunity found directly within the INFLCR app for student-athletes to review, apply to, or accept, with the option to sign a contract to complete their NIL deal. From there, INFLCR’s technology allows the third-party to pay student-athletes through the app and automatically disclose transactions.

Bulletins can be tailored by registered third-parties (ie. businesses, collectives, etc.) within a school’s specific Local Exchange platform to work with the school’s respective student-athlete users. Bulletins will also come from INFLCR Global Exchange partners (i.e. WWE) and will be available to all student-athletes within the INFLCR Global Exchange.

Additional value add for student-athletes:

  • Pre-qualified NIL opportunities delivered in-app from approved third-parties in the Local Exchange and Global Exchange companies such as WWE, TikTok, Meta and more
  • One place for thorough review of any available NIL opportunities 

Value add for third-parties:

  • Frictionless application process between third-parties and student-athletes 
  • Streamlined discovery of student-athlete(s) interested in opportunities
  • Pre-screening of student-athletes
  • Spam-free, individualized conversations with interested student-athletes

As INFLCR’s Global Exchange partner network continues to grow, and school-specific Local Exchanges push more third-parties to sign up, national brands, collectives and other companies will further populate the INFLCR student-athlete’s app homepage with additional Bulletins

Global Exchange

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July 28, 2022

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