Recapping NIL Year 1 + Looking Ahead To Year 2

Take a look into the transaction data for NIL activity reported to INFLCR from July 1, 2021 to June 30, 2022.

There are two major sides to the NIL story. INFLCR Founder Jim Cavale dives into both and gives an outlook on what’s to come in year two of NIL.

The Year #1 Student-Athlete Story

  • Average transactions grew by 80% from month #1 to Month #12 – student-athletes are learning their value and will continue to develop their NIL valuation through upcoming INFLCR partnerships.
  • Student-Athletes disclosed more transactions in the last three months of 2022 than in any other month of NIL.
  • Olympic sports, men’s basketball and women’s basketball make up more than 50% of the transactions disclosed in INFLCR.
  • Women Are Crushing It! Gymnasts averaged over $6,000 per NIL transaction.
  • Social media has remained the top transaction type; men’s and women’s sports share the spotlight in total transactions reported. Check out more data.
  • We partnered with platforms such as Meta and TikTok to provide student-athletes enhanced support, stronger account security, and NIL education.

The Year #1 INFLCR Collegiate Athletics Department Story

  • INFLCR doubled its number of collegiate partners and student-athlete users.
  • INFLCR launched multiple new products, including INFLCR Verified and the Local and Global Exchanges, to provide solutions for our clients.
  • The INFLCR Verified product was created to educate and providing a compliance disclosure solution for student-athletes within the INFLCR app.
  • The INFLCR Plus Local Exchange product was developed to consolidate one place for businesses and collectives to register to find, communicate and contract with, and pay student-athletes for NIL deals.
  • Institutions would prefer that state laws do not limit hiring staff to implement NIL strategy and be more involved in supporting student-athlete NIL deal facilitation, fulfillment and business management activities that take place within INFLCR’s technology.
  • Institutions prefer to pay for technology that maximizes student-athlete’s wallet share of NIL deals. They’re investing into the INFLCR Local Exchange instead of using free options that will take a percentage of the transaction away from student-athletes.
  • Collectives have been created to streamline pathways for donors to offer NIL deals to student-athletes. Schools would prefer that these deals still run through their system to ensure compliance.

What lies ahead in Year 2?

  • Institutions will bring NIL in-house.
  • Student-Athletes will organize in “non-traditional ways”.
  • Collectives will be forced to work in association with the school.

Name, Image, & Likeness (NIL)

NIL Turns 1

Valuation Tools & Education Come To INFLCR In New Partnership With On3 NIL

July 11, 2022

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