Wheaton College Athletics Announces Partnership with INFLCR Verified

From Wheaton College Athletics:

Wheaton College (Mass.) Athletics has announced a partnership with INFLCR, a Teamworks product. Wheaton becomes one of just eight NCAA Division III schools to partner with INFLCR and the only school in the New England Women’s & Men’s Athletic Conference. 

INFLCR will be accessible to Wheaton student-athletes and provide them with the tools and knowledge necessary to navigate the new and exciting age of Name, Image and Likeness (NIL) following the recent legislation approved by the NCAA in the summer of 2021.

These new opportunities that have become available as a result of this decision can be lucrative, but the guidelines and stipulations around it can also be confusing, which is why Wheaton has proactively chosen to provide invaluable education to its student-athletes through its partnership with INFLCR. 

INFLCR is designed to educate staff and student-athletes about these new opportunities from current NIL guidelines with tools on legislation, fiscal responsibility and optimizing branding endeavors.

“Wheaton is thrilled to partner with INFLCR to ensure that our student-athletes receive the expertise necessary to successfully navigate and leverage the NIL landscape while remaining in compliance with all national & conference protocols in this space,” explained Gavin Viano, Wheaton Associate Vice President for Athletics & Strategic Programs.

“Wheaton College will be the eighth Division III institution to incorporate INFLCR into their brand building & NIL management strategy,” said Jim Cavale, INFLCR Founder. “NIL being accessible to any student-athlete at any level reinforces the need for an institution to provide the best resources for their student-athletes to be successful. We’re excited to support the department as they take on that responsibility and bring their NIL strategy to the next level with INFLCR Verified.”

INFLCR Verified: How It Works

INFLCR provides college athletic departments with the content delivery and compliance platform to assist NCAA athletics programs in the management and monitoring of student-athlete Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) activities. 

Powered by flagship new products like The Compliance Ledger for administrators to monitor all student-athlete NIL transactional activity and the Storyteller Playbook for in-app NIL educational content, INFLCR Verified enhances the student-athlete experience by offering a compliant solution to report their NIL activity and learn more about how to responsibly build their NIL business, all in the same INFLCR app they’re already using to build their brand on social media.

Athletic programs are using INFLCR Verified to educate staff and student-athletes for new opportunities and complexities from current NIL legislation, aiming to ultimately provide best-case scenarios for student-athletes who are looking to participate in monetization activities from their NIL. Head here for more info.

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