Gondola & INFLCR Partner To Connect Content Creators Directly To Student-Athletes

Gondola, a platform for content creators such as photographers, videographers and designers to track their work and connect with other creators or freelance opportunities, is bringing a new resource to collegiate athletes in the Global Exchange through a new partnership with INFLCR. INFLCR, a Teamworks product, is the leading athlete brand-building and NIL business management app for more than 4,000 elite athletic teams and over 64,000 student-athletes. The partnership bridges the gap between creator and athlete, and will allow creators with vast experience to assist student-athletes in completing their social media strategy & editorial storytelling.

The INFLCR Global Exchange is designed to connect companies to collegiate athletes looking to monetize their name, image and likeness (NIL) or receive educational resources to further their personal brand. Gondola is now a company in the Global Exchange platform to work with student-athletes on finding content creators who can help them maximize NIL potential or create content for an NIL deal.

“Content is a major driver in the sports world, and a huge piece of why INFLCR exists,” said INFLCR Founder Jim Cavale. “When it comes to paid promotion for NIL deals, there are certain limitations around some of the content INFLCR provides to student-athletes. Gondola is going to offer the solution for those instances, and connect student-athletes with talented creators who can assist them in their brand building & NIL journey.”

Creators on Gondola have worked on behalf of all the major U.S. sports leagues and over 1,600 professional and amateur sports teams around the globe.. Student-athletes will unlock access to those creators through the INFLCR Global Exchange platform, registering for Gondola and then searching for specific criteria based on the type of content they’re looking for. Gondola will be available to all student-athletes in the INFLCR app to answer questions and guide them in the right direction to choose a creator that best serves the student-athletes needs.

“Athletes finally have access to amazing branded opportunities through NIL, and the only missing piece in the puzzle is helping them actually create great content,” said Gondola founder Jared Kleinstein. “Gondola gives them a way to connect with creators — both local and around the globe — to bring that content to life. We’re so excited for this partnership with INFLCR, as it brings that opportunity right to their fingertips”

About INFLCR Global Exchange

INFLCR’s partnerships team vets elite companies like Meta, TikTok, WWE, Campus Legends, DigiSign, Subtext, and Mike Slive Foundation to be a part of the Global Exchange. Inside the platform, companies can automate their reporting of transactions with student-athletes, and utilize INFLCR’s best-in-class tools to identify, communicate, and transact with student-athletes who have opted in to be contacted for educational and NIL transaction opportunities. All Global Exchange transactions are automatically disclosed for student-athletes and institutions. INFLCR continues to take no transaction fees from schools, companies, or student-athletes for activity on the Global Exchange.

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