Austin Peay Expands INFLCR Partnership With Local Exchange

From Austin Peay Athletics:

Austin Peay State University’s athletics and INFLCR have expanded their partnership to introduce Austin Peay’s INFLCR+ Local Exchange – a cutting-edge software that further elevates Austin Peay Athletics in its support of its student-athletes as they pursue Name, Image & Likeness (NIL) business opportunities on the local and national scale.

The INFLCR+ Local Exchange platform for Austin Peay, the Stacheville Exchange, will provide student-athletes with a free and easy-to-use forum where they can interact with businesses, donors, alumni, and collectives to construct and fulfill NIL opportunities.

“Austin Peay is investing a lot into their student-athletes by adding the Local Exchange,” said INFLCR Founder Jim Cavale. “Student-athletes have help in every other aspect of being a student and an athlete, and when it comes to NIL they need guidance just the same. The Stacheville Exchange gives just that.”

After the finalization of a NIL deal within the Local Exchange, student-athletes are able to complete a compliance disclosure that includes a payment processing tool that directly pays the student-athlete with no transaction fees. All payments processed in this manner are reported on a consolidated 1099 that is in the student-athletes INFLCR app for easy and effective tax reporting.

In addition to its simple and effective approach, the platform will educate Austin Peay student-athletes on NIL policies, financial literacy, and brand building, while providing research and tracking their social media growth and engagement.

“I am very excited about our partnership with INFLCR and the further extension of our relationship with Teamworks,” said Vice President and Director of Athletics Gerald Harrison. “This partnership represents another example of our commitment to our student-athletes. The Stacheville Exchange will serve as a vehicle that allows our student-athletes to take full advantage of all opportunities involving the use and promotion of their name, image, and likeness while insuring they are compliant and educated on NCAA and state laws.”

INFLCR Plus Local Exchange: How It Works

INFLCR provides a school-customized NIL exchange as an extension to their athletics website where the school can send any business, individual or collective seeking to bring NIL opportunities to its student-athletes. Once registered, businesses can search, communicate, pay and report on behalf of student-athletes they’re transacting with, streamlining the student-athlete’s compliance and tax reporting responsibilities in their existing INFLCR app experience. 

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May 18, 2022

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