SMU BOLD Exchange Connects Mustang Student-Athletes With Businesses

From SMU Athletics:

As part of its BOLD (Big Opportunities Live in Dallas) Program and as a step to remain at the forefront of the Name, Image and Likeness (NIL) landscape, SMU Athletics, in partnership with INFLCR, has launched BOLD Exchange – a platform to link Mustang student-athletes with businesses interested in partnering with them. To register with BOLD Exchange and connect with SMU student-athletes on NIL deals, visit Exchange.

BOLD Exchange, a free service to both student-athletes and businesses, will provide a customized portal where businesses and student-athletes can communicate, negotiate and enter NIL transactions.

“The BOLD Program is a best practice model for NIL activities,” said Rick Hart, SMU Director of Athletics. “Big opportunities do live in Dallas – and at SMU – and this will allow businesses to connect with our student-athletes in a manner that is both transparent and compliant. BOLD Exchange will broaden the NIL opportunities available to our student-athletes and streamline accessibility and reporting.”

Registered businesses can search, filter and initiate conversations directly with student-athletes regarding NIL opportunities. Student-athletes will be able to view all the businesses in the exchange and negotiate terms on any NIL deals they would like to pursue. INFLCR and SMU are not a party to the negotiations.

Once the deal between a registered business and a student-athlete is finalized, the business will use BOLD Exchange to create a transaction that will produce a direct payment to the student-athlete (without any transaction fee). All disclosure and payment data automatically reports to SMU’s existing INFLCR compliance portal, and any payments processed using this tool will be reported on a consolidated 1099 for more efficient tax reporting for the student-athlete.

“The Mustangs have continually grown their efforts in empowering their student-athletes with INFLCR over the last several years,” said INFLCR President Jim Cavale. “SMU student-athletes have access to an elite package of NIL resources with their BOLD NIL program, designed to boost their personal brands and provide NIL education. The addition of the BOLD Exchange makes their NIL program even stronger, giving student-athletes a place to put BOLD into action and monetize safely with local businesses.”

“Since launching the Local Exchange, more than 25 DI Schools have added a customized exchange platform to their overall INFLCR partnership,” said Cavale. “We expect more than 150 of our partners to add their own INFLCR Plus Local Exchange platform by the end of 2022.”

INFLCR, a Teamworks product, is the leading content and compliance platform for elite athletic programs, educating and preparing staff and athletes for the NIL era, all powered by best-in-class content delivery via mobile app. INFLCR works with more than 3,500 collegiate and professional sports teams with a network of over 70,000 active athlete users.

With revolutionary features like the Content Gallery, Compliance Dashboard and Storyteller Playbook, INFLCR enhances the athlete experience with a comprehensive solution for responsible brand-building on social media, as well as a fully compliant path to external commercial activity from NIL.

INFLCR+ Local Exchange
The INFLCR+ Local Exchange is a student-athlete NIL business registry, custom-designed for your institution – one place for your coaches, staff and partners to direct any interested NIL dollars for student-athletes. It will produce a direct payment to the student-athlete (without any transaction fee) and automate a disclosure to your INFLCR Verified Compliance Ledger. The Local Exchange enables a legislatively compliant platform for businesses and student-athletes to engage, providing a consolidated 1099 at the end of the year for athletes, and centralized tax reporting for businesses.

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