SQWAD Brings Sponsors and Athletes Together Through Digital Contests In New Exclusive Collaboration With INFLCR

INFLCR and SQWAD will provide the unique ability to accelerate the process in which athletes can capitalize on personal brand building and fan engagement utilizing digital assets. SQWAD is an industry leader in digital contests and fan engaging gamification.

SQWAD, a digital activation platform that will provide INFLCR and Teamworks athletes the unique ability to accelerate their personal brand building and fan engagement through gamification. Additionally, SQWAD’s brand relationships will create campaigns for further monetization opportunities for athletes.

“INFLCR has been a staple in the college space for helping empower student-athletes to build their brand value,” said SQWAD Founder & CEO, Nick Lawson.

“When it came to the new era of NIL, it was a no-brainer to work with them to help bring our brand opportunities and activations directly to the athletes.”

In-App Access

In the INFLCR Verified Compliance Exchange, student-athletes will be directed to education on SQWAD’s best practices or to the SQWAD platform where they can sign-up. 

In-App Education

SQWAD education on best practices for affiliate and influencer brand and marketing campaigns will live in INFLCR’s Storyteller Playbook.

In-App Reporting

All athlete transactions generated with SQWAD will be reported to the INFLCR Verified Ledger, to cover all required reporting for collegiate athletes. 

“SQWAD’s ability to bring added value to a sports organization’s sponsors is industry leading,” said INFLCR CEO, Jim Cavale

“Now, SQWAD’s digital contests create an opportunity for INFLCR student-athletes to monetize their NIL in a way that brings awareness and value to the respective student-athlete’s personal brand.”

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June 10, 2021

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