Georgia Tech FB Led the ACC in Content Uploads in Fall 2020

As the Georgia Tech football team looks ahead to a new year and new opportunities in 2021, INFLCR’s reporting from the 2020 season showed how the Georgia Tech content team led the ACC in their content and creative efforts.

Leveraging the INFLCR platform to share content with student-athletes, Georgia Tech maintained an upload pace that nearly doubled the rest of the content produced and uploaded by other ACC schools.

We spoke with GT Football General Manager Patrick Suddes, who shared insights about GT’s content process.

How does your program produce and upload more than double the content as the rest of our INFLCR clients in the ACC?

It starts at the top. Georgia Tech has both a head coach and athletic director that believe in the power of great content.

Coach Collins and Todd Stansbury provide the resources and access to make sure we don’t miss any opportunities to capture content – workouts, practice, travel and of course games.

We use a wide variety of creators – full-time staff, freelance photographers and videographers, interns and students – to make sure we get every student-athlete content they can share to build their own brand.

Is there anything you feel was special about November’s events (and lack of) that caused athletes to be so active in downloading and sharing content on social?

It was certainly a unique period, nothing like any coach or student-athlete had experienced whether they’ve been involved with football for 5, 15 or 30 years. Coach Collins did a great job of keeping the team engaged in competition during that time beyond just practice with events like kickball and home run derby.

So while we didn’t have normal stream of content to share from games, we never stopped having new, unique content that helped tell the story of our program.

How has COVID impacted your content process?

From the moment Coach Collins stepped on campus two years ago, he’s preached branding and culture. So the challenges of the last year never really changed our process, we just adapted some of our planning and execution to the world of virtual meetings.

Of course, the number of photographers and videographers allowed on the field were limited this season, so we have to make sure to be deliberate and thorough in capturing in-game action.

Can you list a short synopsis of what your workflow is on gameday? How do you all prioritize things?

Our top priority is to capture every single student-athlete in our program from the moment that they step off the bus on gameday.

By the end of the game, we’ve captured hundreds of photos and upload to INFLCR so the student-athletes have access to the content as they are exiting the locker room.

On the road, there’s a prime opportunity to post content as we travel back home, so we aim to be efficient as possible.

Connect with Patrick:

Twitter: @PatrickSuddes

Georgia Tech Football Twitter: @GeorgiaTechFB

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