Product Announcement: INFLCR Social Media Metrics for All Student-Athletes

Just a few weeks after sharing the Teamworks-INFLCR product roadmap for the NIL era, INFLCR is excited to announce the launch of in-app social media metrics for all student-athlete users.

After loading this new update on the INFLCR app, all 30,000+ student-athletes, coaches, and staff will be able to see real-time metrics based on their personal social media activity. Push notifications will alert them and send them updates based on their social media performance over time.

Coming off the heels of November’s State of NIL presentation, this product launch is one of many leveraging the joint development efforts of the Teamworks and INFLCR engineering teams, following the successful round of funding raised by Teamworks earlier this year.

In 2020, INFLCR’s development team has delivered one new version release per month on average, including features such as jersey number recognition via artificial intelligence, Teamworks API connections for streamlined customer onboarding, and multiple third-party media partner integrations, among dozens of improvements to the user experience in the INFLCR mobile application.

The availability of personal social media metrics for each student-athlete is a feature that was prioritized by our team, both from feedback from our partner community and from our continued focus to create the best technology platform for the student-athlete as we approach the NIL era of college sports.

As many of our 90+ collegiate partners continue to sign partnerships lasting through 2025, we’re working even harder to listen to what they and their student-athletes need from our technology, and we’re creating a product roadmap based on their trust in INFLCR and our ability to adapt in the face of uncertainty around final regulations for Name, Image, & Likeness in college sports.

Instructions for INFLCR Clients and Athletes

  1. Download the newest version of the INFLCR app
  2. Navigate to the left “Profile” icon in the navigation bar at the bottom
  3. Scroll through the available metrics for your connected social media accounts

Read how CEO Jim Cavale describes social media metrics in the State of NIL address:

“Another way to empower them is, after they have all this content, they have a custom brand strategy, they need to see their metrics. 

And so in the same place, their INFLCR app, that they’re getting content and sharing it to social, telling their story, and your universities, more often, in the same place, they’re getting educational content for athletes, by athletes, from our athletes network (brand strategy), they’re now getting metrics fed from their social media platforms so that they can see their growth over the past day, the past week, the past month, the past year. 

They can see how they’re doing based on their posting activity. This is helping them begin to understand why it matters that they take this seriously, giving them data to go along with education, and giving them a strategy. 

If you’re an NIL Suite partner of INFLCR, Neeta and her team come in and look at key athletes who you want to help even further. And so if an athlete is having a certain set of metrics on social be the case, that they need to know how to improve, they need to know how to grow, they need to know how to keep that momentum going. We’re here to build that strategy for them. We’re here to show them other athletes they compare to, and how those athletes might do things better or worse than them, and how to take advantage of a strategy to maximize their brand.”

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December 29, 2020

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