Five Reasons to Attend “The State of NIL” presented by Teamworks and INFLCR

The Teamworks-INFLCR State of NIL address is virtual presentation on Tues, Nov 17, at 1pm ET, for all athletic directors, coaches, and college athletics administrators who are passionate about their institution’s NIL strategy.

Read the 5 reasons why over 600 college sports professionals have already registered to attend:

1. Understand the prerequisites that your institution must have in place to ensure NIL success

INFLCR’s product roadmap explains how athletic programs should build the foundations of their NIL strategy, and how to get started as soon as possible to get ahead of the curve.

2. See the complete formula for you to internally manage an effective student-athlete NIL operation

Jim shares the 4-part formula for every athletic department as they build their internal NIL strategy. This formula takes into account staffing, technology, student-athlete engagement, and more.

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3. Explore customized brand strategy content designed for athletes by athletes

In following its mission To Serve Storytellers, INFLCR will be unveiling a new initiative focused directly on helping student-athletes to maximize the opportunities from leveraging their digital brands in the Name, Image, & Likeness era.

4. Prepare to recruit compliantly around NIL regardless of the 2021-22 v1 regulations

For institutions, NIL creates an opportunity to pitch NIL-preparedness to future recruits, regardless of how regulations end up around institutional involvement with deals.

Today, in 2020, schools can be creating programs that make their student-athletes some of the most marketable in the country, and can leverage those programs in recruiting conversations.

5. See the step-by-step Teamworks-INFLCR NIL product roadmap for student-athletes and for institutions

Name, Image, & Likeness will require both institutions and student-athletes to put in the work and understand how to best take advantage of the new opportunities, but both will also have different kinds of work to do.

Jim covers what steps student-athletes will need to take, and the tools they’ll need to succeed, but also explains how institutions will need to prepare and then execute strategies to support their student-athletes.

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