The Teamworks-INFLCR “State of NIL” Livestream

On Tuesday, November 17th at 1pm ET, INFLCR Founder & CEO Jim Cavale will be delivering an exclusive Teamworks-INFLCR “State of NIL” address, produced in Turner Studios in Atlanta, where he will present the Teamworks-INFLCR product roadmap for the NIL era ahead.

This Teamworks-INFLCR State of NIL address is a virtual event for all athletic directors, coaches, and college athletics administrators who are passionate about their institution’s NIL strategy.

Registration is free, and available to anyone wanting to prepare their athletic programs for the NIL era.


What You’ll Learn

Jim will take you through the complete formula for your institution’s NIL success, including the prerequisites you must have in place and a look at the Teamworks-INFLCR NIL product roadmap.

Dozens of INFLCR partners have begun formal planning processes ahead of NIL, preparing to live out the formula for NIL success that Jim will deliver in this presentation. This planning process takes into consideration both institutions, as well as student-athlete preparation, as we await final regulations in 2021.

Today, in 2020, INFLCR partners are leveraging their content successes, along with our team’s collaboration, to develop future content and recruiting strategies that can endure regardless of what final regulations look like.

Who You’ll Join

850 registrants have already signed up for the State of NIL presentation, including athletic directors, coaches, administrative staff, and content creators who will play a role in the NIL era of college sports.

Do you know someone you think should attend the Teamworks-INFLCR State of NIL virtual presentation? Text them this registration link:

Client Success

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