Bowling Green Athletes Share Custom Graphics to Announce Restart of MAC Season

With rumors swirling about a return for MAC football, BGSU’s communications team knew that they had an opportunity to make a splash about the big news. Sitting in a weekly comms team meeting, the Bowling Green creative crew brainstormed ways to get players involved and amplify the message about the season to the greater BGSU audience.

“Because of the sensitive nature and timing of the announcement, along with our grand plans to create such a large-scale campaign, it was imperative that we were able to do as much work on the front-end as possible,” said Associate AD for Strategic Communications & Brand Advancement Jason Knavel.

“At BGSU, we’re always looking for creative ways to share news and stories from across our athletic programs, and the return of the football season was a really big deal,” said Design and Brand Advancement Coordinator Mallory Hiser. 

“So, our team went all-in on creating engaging content that our athletes could share on their own social media channels, to support the team and get the news out there.”

Hiser would eventually lead the creation of over 100 custom graphics, tapping into the most recent iOS update on the Apple iPhone to guide the design aspects.

“With the newest iPhone update out, people everywhere were interested in their home screens, and it seemed like a timely and relevant trend to base our design on. We figured out a way to personalize each of the graphics so athletes could have something custom, and then dropped it into INFLCR for them,” Hiser explained.

BGSU student-athletes reacted positively to the graphics, reflected in the great usage metrics from the campaign. Over 60 custom graphics were downloaded from INFLCR by athletes and staff across the football program, helping to amplify the message about the MAC season on social media.

“INFLCR provided us with the platform to upload ahead of time, so that we were able to capitalize on the immediacy of the announcement and have content at our student-athletes’ fingertips within moments. Those crucial moments are vital as student-athletes quickly want to be part of the conversation and are searching for content to use immediately,” said Knavel.

“Our team is thrilled with the success of this content project, and the ease with which student-athletes are able to participate in our overall communications strategy.”

To learn more about Bowling Green’s creative team, you can watch the on-demand session of INFLCR Academy featuring Mallory Hiser.

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