NASCAR Upgrades INFLCR Partnership After First-Year Success

After a successful first year helping to deliver content to drivers in real-time, INFLCR is excited to announce an upgraded year two partnership with NASCAR.

This partnership allows NASCAR drivers to access their personalized INFLCR mobile app galleries of photos, videos, and graphics created by NASCAR staff and other external media outlets who cover NASCAR.

“INFLCR’s partnership with NASCAR is impactful, and demonstrates the tremendous storytelling potential that exists for professional athletes,” said INFLCR Founder & CEO Jim Cavale.

“Sponsored posts are just the icing on a cake made up of regular storytelling from the (driver) pro athlete’s social accounts using content delivered by INFLCR as the programming for this storytelling. We’re excited to continue providing NASCAR with a platform that helps their world-class professional athletes do just that—engaging their drivers with millions of racing fans worldwide to build this foundation that will only build more value for NASCAR drivers to leverage with brand partners when appropriate.”

In a November 2019 interview with Hashtag Sports, Vice President of NASCAR Marketing Services Patrick Rogers mentioned INFLCR as providing a “seamless process for delivering content directly to the drivers,” supporting drivers in “using 95% of the content that NASCAR has produced and loaded into the INFLCR app.”

Since then, NASCAR drivers have continued to access content via INFLCR, seeing huge returns on their branding efforts on social media to kick off the 2020 season.

After Week One of the NASCAR racing season at Daytona, drivers downloaded and shared 125 pieces of content from INFLCR, over ⅓ of all content shared with drivers from various media sources. As a result of posting that content to social media, NASCAR drivers reached over 3.7 million people, generating over 500,000 interactions on Instagram alone.

“NASCAR has a global brand, and our drivers are the biggest storytellers we have,” said Rob McKinney, Sr. Director, Driver and Team Marketing at NASCAR. 

“By providing an easy process for our creative teams to share exciting content with drivers, we’re able to let drivers share their experiences in their own voices, and that storytelling helps us continue to grow the overall brand of NASCAR.”

NASCAR is one of many clients that also leverages INFLCR’s partnerships with media companies like USA TODAY/IMAGN images. An April 2019 post to Instagram by a NASCAR driver gained the most engagements of any driver from the 2019 racing season, with a photo provided by IMAGN.

Through these media partnerships, drivers are able to get even more dynamic content automatically, providing more opportunities to share posts about big moments on the track.

How NASCAR’S Partnership Works

INFLCR’s platform helps clients like NASCAR send internal media and national photography content to personalized galleries for each of their drivers, staff, and other brand ambassadors.

Those drivers and brand ambassadors are able to access their content galleries through the INFLCR mobile app, and can then share the content to their personal social media accounts.

After the fact, NASCAR is able to measure the increased audience engagement coming from the much-larger collective audience of those drivers and brand ambassadors.

NASCAR plans to continue using this approach to bolster their digital presence in a way that impacts event attendance, fan experience, and other strategic goals.

Client Success

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February 13, 2020

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