I Want Your Job (IWYJ) Podcast

INFLCR is excited to launch Season One of the I Want Your Job podcast, featuring the stories of standout college athletics coaches, athletes, ADs, and digital-social-creative professionals.

Listeners will be able to hear the origin stories of some of the most influential leaders in college sports and apply their lessons to their own careers.

Introduction to “I Want Your Job”

Season One Trailer – Introduction to “I Want Your Job” by Jim Cavale

Episode 1 – Eric SanInocencio (ACC): The Roadmap to Create Digital Value in Sports

Episode 2 – Geoff Collins and Santino Stancato (Georgia Tech) – Branding Your Program for a Culture Fit

Episode 3 – Bill Clark and Ted Feeley (UAB) feat. Roman Harper – How Commitment and Community Led to The Return of a Football Program

Episode 4 – John Wildhack (Syracuse University) – The Full Circle: From ‘Cuse Grad to ESPN Executive to ‘Cuse AD

Episode 5 – Jim Nagy (Reese’s Senior Bowl) – The NFL Draft Starts in Mobile

Episode 6 – SPECIAL EDITION – Zach Maurides (Teamworks) – The Future of Athlete Sports Tech

Episode 7 – Dave Bradley and Nolan Smith (Duke Basketball) – Leading The Duke Digital Revolution

Episode 8 – Allen Greene and Bryce Brown (Auburn) – Serving is Leading

Episode 9 – Eric Musselman and Taylor McGillis (Arkansas) – Creating a Culture of Coaching

Episode 10 – Steve Wojciechowski (Marquette) – Winning With The Athlete Perspective 

Episode 11 – Rob Mullens (Oregon) – Innovating to Support Student-Athletes

Episode 12 – Amy Huchthausen (America East) – Paving The Way For The Future

Bonus Episode – Jeremy McClain (Southern Miss) via Athletic Director University

Bonus Content: Jim Cavale Keynote Address – 2019 Learfield IMG SBJ Intercollegiate Athletics Forum

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From the INFLCR Archives

At INFLCR, we serve storytellers, but we also look for inspiration from great storytellers that can help guide us on our own journeys.

If you’re looking for more great storytelling and wisdom from big names in sports, watch some of the interview videos we’ve captured over the past few years.

Eddie George: Athlete Stories

In this video, Jim Cavale catches up with NFL great Eddie George in Nashville to discuss winning the 1995 Heisman Trophy and advice for others. 

Watch to hear about the 3E’s of Eddie’s post-football career (entrepreneurship, entertainment, education) and his four pillars of life: the physical, the spiritual, the emotional, and the social.

Tiki Barber: Athlete Stories

Jim Cavale, a lifelong Giants fan, sat down with Barber at his New York City offices to hear more of his story and his advice for young athletes, leaders and entrepreneurs.

In this conversation, Barber gives advices for those pursuing a college athletics career today:
– Have confidence in yourself and learn to be sociable
– Use the access your name will get you to engage with alumni
– Be a self-starter and take initiative
– Think about social media with a purpose to tell your story
– Know your market, your followers on social media
– Have a plan

Reggie Torbor: Athlete Stories

In this interview Jim Cavale has a relaxing and genuine conversation with Super Bowl champion Reggie Torbor, who reveals the ways he uses his story to challenge and shape younger athletes:
– See an achievement as a blessing and starting line, not a finish line
– Change how you see the world
– Get yourself into leadership roles
– Use social media responsibly and with a purpose

I Want Your Job Podcast

I Want Your Job – Episode 1, “The Roadmap to Create Digital Value in Sports” with Eric SanInocencio

August 19, 2019

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