INFLCR and Conference USA Partner to Provide Championship Content and Strategic Path For C-USA Athletic Departments On INFLCR

INFLCR is pleased to announce a conference-wide partnership with Conference USA (C-USA), its third conference partnership in the NCAA. While several individual C-USA member institutions are already INFLCR partners, this conference-wide deal will take the relationship and the brand potential for C-USA to the next level.

“We have always put an emphasis on partnering with forward-thinking companies, and INFLCR fits that mold,” C-USA Senior Associate Commissioner Kelly Carney said. “We are pleased with the significant potential this agreement has for brand reach and social media strategy.”

Now, the C-USA office will have the unique ability to deliver photos, videos, and other creative media from weekly news and championship events to C-USA member institution athletic departments, including their key administrators, communication staff, coaching staff, student-athletes, and other brand ambassadors.

Those brand ambassadors can then post that relevant and dynamic content from their INFLCR mobile app galleries through their social media channels.

C-USA will also be able to plan INFLCR-based campaigns that send C-USA-branded content to those same brand ambassadors, increasing the reach of C-USA’s content and central message. That’s in addition to INFLCR’s new multiple content source feature, which will allow national media content from outfits like USA Today Sports Images and other C-USA partner media groups to be available through the INFLCR platform for C-USA brand ambassadors.

Conference USA Member Benefits

Besides the benefits for the C-USA office, C-USA member schools will also have conference-specific benefits for joining the INFLCR platform and mobile app, thereby enhancing the content distribution coming from C-USA with their own creative content.

“I have seen tremendous growth on the UAB platforms throughout the past three years since signing with INFLCR, and this new partnership will help grow the social footprint of the entire league throughout the national landscape of college athletics,” said UAB Associate Director for Communications Ted Feeley.

“Having INFLCR as a conference-wide partner will greatly benefit our league.”

INFLCR has multi-sport deals with C-USA schools such as UAB, UNC Charlotte, Southern Miss, and several other C-USA schools currently in the process of finishing similar partnership agreements.

“There is a natural alignment between the Charlotte 49ers, a young and emerging brand, and INFLCR, an application built around the power of social media,” said UNC Charlotte Director of Athletics Mike Hill.

“This new agreement between Conference USA and INFLCR will allow even more student-athletes across the conference to engage the platform. That helps to reinforce our role as educators – teaching our student-athletes how to build a positive brand through social media.”

Along with amplifying the buzz around C-USA Championships and fostering positive conversations about social media, the new partnership will also help C-USA member schools share news about successes and contributions to the conference.

“I’m a firm believer that you plan for success, and so for us it’s about getting the pieces in place, and INFLCR’s been a big part of that,” said Southern Miss AD Jeremy McClain.

“This partnership with Conference USA will take news and content about our school’s athletic contributions to the conference to the next level. We’re going to be prepared at Southern Miss to celebrate success.”

The entire INFLCR team is excited about this new deal, and the potential it has for other conference-wide partnerships in the near future.

“For a Conference HQ to be a good fit for INFLCR, they have to produce content regularly, and especially do so around their championships, whether that’s internally or through media networks (i.e. ESPN),” says INFLCR founder and CEO Jim Cavale.

“Conferences must also have solid relationships with their member institutions, both in engaging the respective administrators and student-athletes and in having school leadership teams adopt their own INFLCR strategies to be successful with the platform.

C-USA is as innovative as any conference office I’ve had the pleasure of working with, in that they check all of the above boxes.

They produce great content, have solid content rights deals in place with their media network partners, and they have an engaged group of leaders at each member institution who can be active in receiving and sharing content from C-USA on their respective social media channels.

I’m pumped about this deal because it’s laying the groundwork for other conferences to see what’s possible with INFLCR at the conference level.”

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