Michael Jackson Sr Interview with INFLCR: The NFL Draft, Social Media, and Putting in the Work

On the way back from an on-site talk and training with the University of Miami, INFLCR Founder and CEO Jim Cavale ran into Michael Jackson Sr., who was recently drafted to the Dallas Cowboys.

Michael, a Birmingham native and INFLCR user thanks to his time at Miami, made some time to visit the INFLCR office and talk to us about his experiences with football, college, and social media.

Watch a selection of some of our favorite clips below:

  • Best Game of My Life
  • Putting in the Hard Work
  • Keeping Your Own Voice

Thanks to Michael for visiting us, and best of luck in the next steps of his career! Excited to see how he keeps using INFLCR in the NFL.

The Best Game of My Life

Michael walks us through Miami’s excellent season of 2017-2018, when he helped to inspire the iconic “Turnover Chain” and shared big news with the Miami community.

Putting In The Hard Work

Michael talks about how he made it to be an NFL Draft-worthy athlete, through a competitive approach to training and a determination to succeed.

Keeping Your Own Voice

Michael explains how it’s important for people to use content in their own voice to try and leave a positive impact.

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