NFL Draft Prospects Train in Sports and Social Media at Michael Johnson Performance

Since their college seasons came to a close, some of the top NFL Draft Prospects have been training at Michael Johnson Performance (MJP) in preparation for several big events on the way to the Draft.

The INFLCR team got a front-row experience to MJP’s training programs and their athletes’ experience, with 50+ MJP athletes being active on the INFLCR app through the end of March 2019.

After successfully onboarding these athletes, Michael Johnson Performance provided those Draft Prospects with all types of content from their exciting path to the draft.

Content ranged from training videos, branded and non-branded training pictures, personalized graphics, and Senior Bowl, NFL Combine, and Draft Day photos from USA Today.

Fantastic Results: Athlete Usage

MJP partnered with INFLCR to help handle the volume of content they expected to receive from content providers this spring. INFLCR housed their content in a central location, that was then pushed to our mobile app on athletes’ phones.

“The most difficult buffer we had to figure out with our social media this offseason was the inability for us to manage all of the content providers that want access to our facility. INFLCR was a way to control that, from start to finish,” said MJP Director of High Performance Dustin Nichols.

“From the easy onboarding of the athlete, to how easy it was for them to be able to download and share content, and for us to track all of their sharing. Now, when we partner with content producers, we can feel good about the end result being delivered to the athlete.”

Starting on January 15th and going through March 31st of 2019, these 50+ elite athletes recorded under 1400 unique app sessions on our mobile app from

That works out to about 30 app sessions per player, for a period of about 10 weeks.

These NFL-bound players were logging in and looking for photos and videos to download and share three times a week! And they downloaded over 650 unique pieces of content.

That regular activity and engagement through INFLCR’s mobile app played out as social media posts which reached over 700,000 people on Instagram and Twitter.

The reality is that these star players, like every other elite athlete playing college football, want to see dynamic content of themselves and share it with their communities.

“Everybody wants to see their pictures. Everyone wants to see how they were dressed in the pregame,” says Miami’s Michael Jackson Sr, picked by the Dallas Cowboys in the 5th round of the 2019 NFL Draft.

“I don’t care if you’re a star player, or a benchwarmer, you want to see the pictures. You want to see how you looked on the field.”

Jackson did his pre-draft training with MJP, and is able to access his content from Miami FB, MJP, and his NFL career all in one place on his INFLCR app.

Once these players have their pictures, they want to be able to express themselves with their own voice, either in showing off their personality or in delivering a bigger message.

Michael, a Birmingham native, stopped by the INFLCR’s HQ earlier this year and talked about the importance of keeping his own voice on social media:

Why Elite Athlete Training Facilities Choose INFLCR

INFLCR’s platform and mobile app deliver a one-two punch that streamline the administrative side of content management for facilities, while offering the best user experience for the star athletes training there.

That complete content management system lets training facilities like Michael Johnson Performance get maximum value from the photo and video content being produced on the way to the Draft.

From a branding standpoint, having elite athletes posting on social media about their training experience strengthens brand awareness of the facility. That’s especially the case as those athletes then get drafted, and can talk about how their training at MJP helped them prepare for the trials at the Senior Bowl and Combine.

At INFLCR, we firmly believe that people follow people, not brands. From a recruitment standpoint, next year’s “MJP trainees” are following this year’s star athletes on social, and they’re paying attention to what training at MJP looks like.

That front-row seat and personal endorsement from people they follow really does feed into a recruit’s decision on where they’ll feel most comfortable and most confident training.


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April 3, 2019

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