Ready for your moment: Social Media Strategy with Kentucky’s DeWayne Peevy

Influencer (INFLCR) founder and CEO Jim Cavale recently sat down with Kentucky Deputy AD DeWayne Peevy for AthleticDirectorU to talk social-media growth, strategy and branding.

Always Be Ready For The Moment: Social Media Strategy With Kentucky’s Peevy from ADU from D1.ticker.

Some of the highlights from ADU:

  • 0:56 – How were you involved in getting Coach Calipari on Twitter early in his tenure at Kentucky?
  • 5:01 – How important was it to lay the social media foundation early?
  • 10:59 – What resources are necessary for expanding personnel to manage social media and creative content?
  • 19:06 – What is you advice for coaches and administrators who are trying to build an authentic presence on social?


Influencer (INFLCR) is a social media CRM that allows teams and leagues to efficiently distribute their digital assets across the social channels of their most effective brand ambassadors (student-athletes, coaches, recruits prominent alumni and fans) while being able to track and measure the reach and performance of the content at scale via a convenient dashboard.

With INFLCR, teams can store, share and track their digital assets (game photos, videos, etc.) as they flow through the social media channels of their brand ambassadors.


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March 28, 2019

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