3 Questions With … Stephen Trembley, Fresno State

Stephen Trembley is director of new media at Fresno State. He recently spoke to INFLCR for 3 questions about his role with the Bulldogs:

1. What role does social media play in helping Fresno State get the most of its resources?

We use our Fresno State Athletics social media platforms to connect directly with fans, consumers and recruits.  It’s one of our many opportunities to tell the stories of our student-athletes and coaches, while also strategically targeting our audience with calls-to-action, geotargeting and unique content in order to generate revenue and strengthen our brand affinity.

Stephen Trembley, director of new media, Fresno State

2. What do you see as the most important social platform for getting your message to fans?

Each social media platform has its own value and we design our campaigns so content is delivered in the way users want to consume the media on that platform.  Facebook has important analytics that help us track the reach and audience, which our sponsors and partners can easily see why collaborating with our brand can create new and repeat business for them.  We use Facebook in the same way with exclusive content and an emphasis on ticket sales, engagement and community awareness. Instagram is our most emerging platform, and allows us to craft messages more geared toward college students, as well as families and friends of our program.  Meanwhile, Twitter has been the best for sharing more official news and having that information picked up by trusted media sources.

3. What has been the favorite campaign or feature you’ve worked on at Fresno State?

There have been many, including our season-long campaign in 2013 for our football team, and specifically Derek Carr, as well as our innovative social media ticket sales efforts to maximize revenue when we hosted Nebraska in 2014.  We also used Facebook Live before most in college athletics when our men’s basketball team won the 2016 Mountain West Championship and we worked directly with the NCAA to broadcast the first live college basketball game on Facebook last year.  Recently, we used our social media platforms and quickly connected with our national media contacts to highlight an incredible flip-throw in by one of our women’s soccer student-athletes that has now garnered north of 10 million social media views.  In the last five years, our staff and students have broadcast almost 1,000 events on the Mountain West Network, which by far sets the standard for our conference and the entire Western region. The ability to strategically share our messaging and generate revenue for our program are the most important focuses for our division to make an impact in elevating our athletic department.

INFLCR is the proud content delivery partner of Fresno State Athletics, providing their creative team with the INFLCR platform to store, track and deliver its content assets through their brand ambassador network of Fresno State student-athletes, alumni, coaches, etc., to grow the brands of these individuals and the Fresno State brand.

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