WATCH Free Webinar: ‘Building Brands Through Content’

Influencer (INFLCR), in conjunction with Front Office Sports, recently hosted a free webinar titled “Building Brands Through Content.”

Moderated by Front Office Sports’ Adam White, the panel included:

Jim Cavale, INFLCR founder and CEO;

Emma Levine, Wasserman;

Guy Ramsey, University of Kentucky;

Eric SanInocencio, Houston Texans.

Watch the full webinar here:


Some highlights:

Cavale: “As a former student athlete, with a passion for the student-athlete, I want him or her to become very responsible from high school on with how they look at their social media. They need to realize that their character is now in a tangible place on their Instagram, on their Snapchat, on their Twitter. They need to realize that people are going to look at them on social media to try to find out who they are. They can use that for good or it can be a weapon of mass destruction and they can use it for bad. I want them to already understand social media before they ever get to the pro level and to have already grabbed every piece of content that is relevant to their story and to have used it on their platforms to tell their story better.”

Levine: “The athletes who are the best on social media are the ones who enjoy it the most. If you are having fun and you are embracing it, you are going to be the best on it. Our job is to arm them with the tools and give them the support to let them do the work. That is giving them the knowledge, best practices, the guidance, the analytics. … We do social audits with our athletes all the time. We can see what they are doing and how they can improve. From the brand side, when we are trying to make these partnerships, it’s always going to be engagement moreso than followers.”

Ramsey: “It is important to note that we work at a university and with young people between the ages of 18-22. That means education is a core part of our mission. Our athletics director (Mitch Barnhart) talks about it often — athletics and the sport you play is really functioning as another major. One of the courses of study within that major is branding and social media. They are afforded a platform while they are here. It might be exceeded when they go to the next level, or it might not when they go into the real world. In the past, until the past couple of years or so, our primary goal would have been to protect them and make it so that they don’t do damage to themselves on a social media. We now want to teach them how to best take advantage of the platform they are afforded and to build that for whatever comes next for them. We want them to take advantage of the content that we produce and the resources that we have and our huge fan base. It’s quite a change. …”

SanInocencio: “One thing that we struggle with is that we don’t play a game for seven months, so you are trying to remain relevant. Now, the NFL does a good job of having tentpole events like the draft or the combine that continue the conversation. But when you are creating content for an entire year but you only play for four months, that’s always a challenge for us. … I wish we had five or six championships like the Steelers or Packers or Cowboys but we haven’t quite gotten to that level yet. But we still want to be viewed in the same vein in terms of the way we create content and the awareness of our organization. That’s what we’re thinking about when we’re creating content.”


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August 8, 2018

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