Empower Your Brand Ambassadors On Social Media

The Influencer (INFLCR) product streamlines your team's brand message on social media through the individual social media channels that represent it.

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the problem

All sports teams have a strategy for everything that their coaches, staff and athletes do — both on and off the playing field or court. Yet, there is NOT a unified social media strategy for these individuals to follow, nor is there a tactical solution in one product that can help every brand ambassador implement such a strategy.

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the solution

Use the INFLCR product to implement our Organize-Equip-Develop process that will help your sports team establish a strategy that your brand ambassadors can tactically carry out.


Organize all of your brand ambassador social media channels with the INFLCR Dash — an internal social media CRM database.


Protect Your Brand
Your brand is a social media network. View each of your brand ambassador’s social media channels in one place, with the respective data, content and overall performance of each channel.

Did You Know that more than 1/3 of your brand ambassadors exceed 10k followers on their individual social media channels? You can identify and take action on the opportunities pertaining to each of these channels.

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Equip each of your brand ambassadors by uploading video and photo content to the INFLCR ContentHub, enabling them to download + post on their individual social media channels.

Did You Know that your brand ambassadors spend at least 90 minutes per day on social media? Instead of hoping they’ll post content and messaging that is consistent with your brand, you can equip them with it!

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Grow Brand Reach
The audience following your brand ambassadors are your fans, students and recruits. Provide these channels with quality brand content that they will happily distribute for this audience to consume.

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Develop the personal brands of each brand ambassador with video education from INFLCR U and agency services from our INFLCR creative partners.


Add Recruiting Assets
Your brand ambassadors will attain life-long value through our video education from successful athletes teaching personal brand responsibility and the reality of #LifeAfterSports.


Agency Services
Services provided based on need, from our growing network of creative partners. These services include social media account verifications, custom content plans for your team brand to distribute through its brand ambassadors channels and several other service and more.

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The INFLCR athlete ambassador network is headlined by former athletes like NFL-great Tiki Barber.

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